Training Plans

Training plans are very similar to assignments. Instead of only assigning one course, training plans can be used to assign several courses to your employees at once. To access training plans, click on “Manage Training Plans” in the left-hand navigation.

From the training plans page you can view your existing training plans, or create a new one. Click “New Training Plan” to create a new one.

Creating A New Training Plan

There are 3 steps that must be followed to create a training plan: Add training plan information, Update Courses, and Update Students.

Step 1 – Training Plan Information

Fill in the required information. Note that the start date must be in the future. The due date can be as far out as you would like. You also have the ability to send notifications and emails to your staff, or to turn them off. We suggest leaving these on so that your employees receive notification of any training plans you have assigned to them.

Step 2 – Add Courses

The next step is to add courses to your training plan. The courses available to the training plan are defined by Kind defined in the last step. You can add courses from our platform, or your own in-house courses. To add a course, click the “+” button.

As you add courses to your training plans, you can set different start dates for each course. As each course becomes available your employees will receive a notification in the platform.

Step 3 – Add Users

The next step is to add the group members that you would like to assign the training plan to. You can assign an individual, or use the filters to narrow the list based on employee information. You can add members one at a time, or all at once using the “+” buttons.

After adding users, all of the check boxes will be green. To activate the plan, push the “Activate” button at the top.

Editing & Reporting on Training Plans

You can filter the training plans on your list using the filters at the top of the page. To edit or review a training plan, click the plan name.

Any of the things you defined while setting up the training plan can be edited. You can also add or remove course, and add or remove employees from the plan.

To get a report on the training plan, or to check the status of your employees in the plan, click the report button.

Running a new report will show you each employee assigned to the training plan and their progress on each assigned course. You can narrow what the report shows using the filters. Any courses that have not been started, or are past due are shown in red.

You employees must still enroll in courses inside of the training plan. For an explanation of how your employees will see that plan, see our Training Plan Guide for Users.