Schedule a Live Course

Before scheduling a live course, make sure you have created and in-house exam or course already. At the end of any course you teach in-person, there should be an exam an assessment. The platform’s role is manage the employees attending a live course and to assign those employees and exam that you don’t have to manually grade. This should eliminate some of the paperwork involved when hosting a live course. To start scheduling the course, click on the “Schedule a Live Course” button on the left-hand navigation.

Any live courses you have scheduled will be listed here. This is also where you go to create a new live course. Add a new course to the schedule by clicking on “New Course Schedule.”

Start by picking and assigning the in-house course or exam that you previously created. The start date must be a future date. Enter a time range. Add the maximum number of students you would like to be able to enroll in the course. Set the location where the live course will be held. There is a notes area that is not visible to the employees. This field is meant to be used by administrators for any information that may be helpful with the course. Once you’ve filled in the information, click “Create.”

You can edit any live course by clicking on the title in the list. You will also be able to see who has enrolled.

To edit an existing course, click the “Edit Information” button after clicking on the course title. This will allow you to update the dates and times, as well as the exam. To see who has enrolled in the course, or to manually enroll your employees, click on “Edit Seats.”

You can manually add employees to the courses from here, or you can direct them to enroll in the platform. You can remove someone from the list at any time by clicking the red X next to their name.

After the course has been completed, you can activate the exam by hitting the “Activate Exam” button at the top of the page. You will also be able to upload an attendance roster, accreditation information, a course summary, or any miscellaneous document. After activating the exam, every student listed as an attendee will receive access to the exam.