The Medic-CE Difference:

Simplify Training and Recertification

Our website “just works” the way you want it to, so that you do not need to refer to a user manual.

If you ever need help, we provide step-by-step instructions on the site, as well as 24-7 access to live technical support.

Save Time and Money

The larger the group, the more you will save. At Medic-CE, we believe you should not have to pay more to get the best product.

Deliver A Quality Training Experience

Each of our courses takes months to prepare, so that we can ensure your personnel will get the most out of our material.

Transform EMS and Fire Education Delivery

If you teach courses in-house, our website will allow you to create an online exam, evaluation, and certificate to accompany the course. This will virtually eliminate the paperwork associated with teaching CE.

If you do not enjoy teaching the same class over and over again in make-up sessions, you can put the entire course on our website (via video, powerpoint, pdf, or word document).

Improve Record Keeping

Keeping track of your personnel’s recertification progress is quick and easy with the rapid reporting features built in to Medic-CE.

If any of your personnel are falling behind, simply assign them courses to take to get them back on track.

Try before you buy! 

Create an account to get access to our free self-paced CE course, "Emergency Medical Information Service."