Course Libraries

At Medic-CE, we realize it’s difficult for first responders to fit typical certification courses into their busy schedules. We created online certification courses so everyone from paramedics to firefighters can stay updated on the latest techniques on their own time and continue to do what they do best—save lives. Medic-CE provides a variety of online certification and recertification courses for EMS, Fire, and Workplace health. We offer online self-paced and virtual instructor-led courses for each profession. These courses offer thorough and comprehensive continuing education with the convenience and flexibility of an online classroom. Explore Medic-CE’s course libraries and discover online certification courses we offer for each profession and career path.

Medic-CE - Learn how our our EMS library can help you to complete 100% of your NREMT credits.


For Emergency Medical Service providers, our EMS course library offers both self-paced and virtual, instructor-led courses for EMS professionals. Our robust course library allows EMS professionals to earn all NREMT continuing education credits through this simple, convenient, and affordable online platform. Medic-CE’s EMS courses are accredited by multiple institutions, and led by experts in the field.


Medic-CE’s self-paced course subscriptions for Fire allow you to complete continuing education credits and fire training through our online platform. Whether you’re on a break at the station or off the clock, our self-paced courses may be completed any time, anywhere as long as you have computer and Wifi access. Choose from 3 subscription plans offering self-paced courses that can be taken at your convenience.

Medic-CE - Learn how our fire library can help you to complete your continuing education credits.

Medic-CE offers more than 15 hours of online workplace safety training for emergency responders.

Workplace Health, Safety, & Compliance

Medic-CE workplace safety courses offer the education that emergency responders need to reduce workplace injuries and stay safe in their work environment. These workplace health, safety, & compliance courses are designed to help agencies meet compliance requirements. Offering more than 15 hours of online workplace safety training, Medic-CE’s continuing education courses are comprehensive and can be conveniently taken online. Our workplace health, safety, & compliance courses include OSHA continuing education and HR courses.