EMS Advisory Board for Medic-CE

Medic-CE’s EMS Advisory Board plays an active role in content development, student reviews, and content approvals. The board is constantly reviewing our curriculum to ensure it is the latest in EMS and evidence-based, pre-hospital clinical care.

Medic-CE's Advisory Board Member Chris Lebaudour

Chris LeBaudour M.Ed., EMT

Chris Le Baudour is well known in EMS education as a passionate and innovative author, speaker and educator. Chris has spent the past 30 years dedicated to improving patient care through education. Chris specializes in experiential scenario based education for all prehospital providers. Chris is a prolific writer and has several major EMS publications on the market. Chris and his wife Audrey have two children and live in Northern California.

Medic-CE's Executive Medical Director Dr. Sharon Malone, MD, FACEP

Dr. Sharon Malone, MD, FACEP, Executive Medical Director

Dr. Malone is a board-certified emergency physician and serves as the medical director for several urban and rural EMS departments throughout the state of Texas as well as two accredited college EMS education programs. She began EMS medical direction in 2006 and is an active member of the Texas Governor’s EMS and Trauma Systems Advisory Council, Medical Director’s Committee, which guides the development of state policy, rule, and law regarding EMS medical direction. A licensed paramedic as well as an NAEMT-TCCC provider and instructor supporting EMS and specialty teams, Dr. Malone advocates community health paramedicine through curriculum design, course delivery, and medical direction oversight of community paramedic programs. She is the medical director for Emergency Medical Task Force 2 of Texas and regularly deploys on regional and state missions.