We’re transforming agencies’ EMS and fire education delivery through innovative platform technology.

  • Connect Through Dynamic Training Management System - Reach both internal and external audiences through an enterprise solution designed for communication and collaboration.
  • Go Beyond Recertification Training - Broaden your scope beyond education, connecting your staff to the most up-to-date training, policies, and courses.
  • Empower Organizational Knowledge Sharing - Share information across your department for consistent training results and reduced administrative burden.


Simplify your recertification process and complete 100% of your continuing education.

As an EMS professional, you know how important training is. Providing care to patients requires the best continuing education, especially when your training can mean the difference between life and death. Medic-CE continually works to provide the most up-to-date EMS training to keep you current on the latest pre-hospital emergency care.

Medic-CE provides you and your staff with a dynamic and engaging library of self-paced courses and live, online instructor-led refresher programs for EMRs, EMTs, AEMTs, and paramedics.

  • Nationally accredited by CAPCE
  • State accredited
  • Accepted by the National Registry
  • Available 24/7 for anywhere, anytime recertification